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Covid diaries 2

Week 4 and technology is changing everything.

The gym closed and so I ordered a folding bike online so that I can continue to exercise. Added bonus – I can move through any busy areas quickly. Second added bonus – weight lifting in moving the bike into the lift and down to the street.

Zoom, for all the reported issues, is providing opportunities to meet differently. Last night was a zoom quiz with friends in Australia and the UK a welcome break from constant Covid, although we did compare experience. Have had a couple of family zoom birthday parties which are chaotic but fun.

Off tech the cockatoos come over late afternoon for a snack and a chat which is fun.


Covid diaries

Week 3 into isolation and I realise that this is both like and completely opposite to cruising.

I am in Sydney in a one bedroom apartment, the two rooms are both less than 4m squared but I do have a small balcony and an ocean view. While I can go outside to exercise or to shop I am mostly in this small space. Very similar to an extended time away from a port.

There is however easy access to the shops and to fresh food. I have a small freezer and a reasonable size fridge.  Very different to life on board, particularly when travelling.

Company is mainly at a distance or from the birds – now that is just about the same.