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Feeding the crowd

This blog is not written by, or for, those who delight in creating gourmet dinners. I am a sociable creature though and like to get together with friends.

My favourite solution is to plan for grazing. Shared food is sociable, people can move about and mingle and all you really need is a few core dishes then little ‘asides’.

The foundations for me are hummus and flatbread. Then, if I can get them, I will add fresh carrots and celery cut into sticks. Gherkins cut lengthways, a jar of sundried tomatoes, olives, nuts.

If the crowd is a little larger I add in a couple of other dips, red bean dip and Tzatziki, some crisps and crackers. Usually people will bring along a dish to share so there is always more than enough to eat.

Lunch for Nepal

Recently we held a lunch at work to raise money to help the people of Nepal following the earthquakes that have caused so much damage and destruction.

Using the recipes in this blog I took along hummus, red bean dip, tzatziki and veggie sausage rolls.

The team is multi-cultural and the food reflected this with Yorkshire pudding and gravy, wontons, pasta, chicken pie, curried veggie patties in tamarind and coriander chutneys, cup cakes and gulab jamun.

Tzatziki – minty yoghurt dip

Kitchen –  No cooking


  • Greek yoghurt
  • Gherkin relish
  • Mint sauce


  • Mixing bowl
  • Spoon


Spoon yoghurt into the mixing bowl and add in gherkin relish and mint sauce or jelly to taste. For 2 tablespoons of yoghurt add one teaspoon of each. Mix thoroughly and adjust to taste.


Serve with other dips and vegetable crudities, crusty bread and crisps or flatbread.

Serve as a side dish to a curry.